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    Certification of Bégin et Bégin

    With a view to transform wood coming from sustainable and well managed forest, Bégin et Bégin follows two specific chains of custody: FSC, adopted in November 2007; and PEFC since July 2009 (NBG has also followed FSC since January 2008). This assists us in the purchase and sale of certified wood products and waste.

    A chain of custody makes possible to track wood from the forest all the way to the consumer. This gives consumers assurance that their products come from certified forests through:

    • Third-party verification of wood sources
    • Guarantee that uncertified wood comes from legal and controlled sources.

    Bégin et Bégin has a supply policy in place and uses risk assessment for all procurement regions and maintains documentation in this regard that is available for consultation at any time at our office in Lots-Renversés. We also have a dispute resolution process in place in the event that a customer should ever have concerns with respect to any of our supply sources.

    Lastly, our procedures and entire wood tracking system have been developed to be stringent and completely transparent. Related documentation is also freely available to customers or suppliers upon request


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